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Miss Flora

I am a sadistic kitten who will lure and stroke you with all four of my velvety paws. It will comfort you and drive you wild. However, this tender treatment  is only earned if you surrender to the various pain levels of my claws and obediently follow each of my instructions without any objection or resistance…

My drive for playing as well as my curiosity are unlimited. I love exploring new kinks and getting inspired by your ideas. Boredom in a session is one of my taboos, but this does not exclude calm and quiet times where we enjoy or endure tension. I enjoy getting physical and sweaty from leg scissoring, playful wrestling, face sitting, heavy impact play or intense strap-on use. I consciously use my petite and fit body, my toned round ass and soft, playful feet to make any fetish-lover coming back for seconds. I enjoy sensual and gentle play a lot, but I get a real thrill out of testing the pain thresholds of my play partner. I am a passionate sadist and it pleases me if you are willing to go through a lot for me.
The intimacy of a session with just me and you is something I desire and love, but with others joining us, we can create exciting new dynamics.

Facts about me


City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Orientation: Bi-sexual
Age: 31
Primary language: German
Secondary Language(s): English
Smoking: No
Outcall: No
Dress size: XS
Body type: Sporty
Chest Size: 75AA
Shoe size: 38.5
Height: 1.64
Tattoos/piercing: yes/yes (subtle)
Outfit: Casual/Latex/Sporty/Vegan Leather/Lingerie/Boots/High Heels



+49 – 157 – 72 95 47 17



Next visit

30 minutes session: DKK 1500
1 Hour session:  DKK 2500
2 Hour session:  DKK 4500


12 Hours = on request
24 Hours = on request
48 Hours = on request

Please note: 30-minute sessions are for fetish practices only (foot/body/apparel worship, trampling, tie & tease, water sports, spitting, etc)

I refuse to perform potentially dangerous BDSM practices in a hurried manner as this does not conform to SSC standards.

Apply booking via Miss Flora’s email

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All agreements made between you as a client and one of our studio professionals as the service provider, are private agreements between the two of you. Kinkyroom.dk, does not take any responsibility for cancellations, disagreements or other disputes that may arise. Kinkyroom.dk acts as a rental dungeon provider, toys store and marketing platform only. That said, we always welcome feedback send to booking@kinkyroom.dk – as this helps us improve our services and to exclude bad studio professionals from our platform.



  • Anal Stretching
  • Double Sessions with Domme / Sub / Bull
  • Exploring Pain Limits
  • Foot Worship
  • Pegging
  • Pet play
  • Trampling

Watch me

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Bad Teacher

The girls go really hard at the Bad Teacher scene kicking and trampling him until he is close to a total collapse…


Be Strong for Us

This boy has been bad and need a punishment, as Mistress Melia says “he’s in trouble now”…


Bite Marks

A new biting scene, with her teeth as sharp as ever. Victim is Eyemblacksheep that is yet to experience the teeth of a Mistress…


Bitey Kitty

Miss Flora is in playful mood today as she prowls her outdoor garden searching for mischief..


Heels And Humiliation

Sadistic German Mistresses Miss Flora and Lady Deluxe is testing out our homemade single tail whips…


Broken Roses

British Mistress Rebekka Raynor, German Miss Flora and a collection of our wooden paddles VS Caneslave…

Spanking F-M

Dangerous Sharp Heels

It’s time for some genuine suffering. It’s Bitrack VS the high heels of Miss Flora. It’s the barn at the Hidden Torture Farm…


Danke Miss Flora

Miss Flora loves to humiliate her slaves. In this scene she has her slave Moya, dressed up as a maid, just to be fucked like the slut he is…


Danke Miss Flora Part 2

Miss Flora just won´t waste an opportunity to fuck her slaves. This time slave will have to submit his ass for Miss Flora’s…


Deep Throat Lesson by Betty

Miss Flora had called her two most slutty slaves for a session, to find out who was the most perverted and nasty bitch…


Did You Miss Me?

 Miss Flora bites Bitrack all over, hands, upper arms and chest, with full force leaving deep marks…


Entertainment for Mistresses

You’re in for the ride of your life when you’re woken up by three sexy European Mistresses!..

Strap-On, Humiliation

Extreme Nipple Play

I guess that must be the lesson learned for this slave, when he asked for Extreme Nipple Play…

Nipple Play

I missed You, Miss Flora

Slave Eyemblacksheep tied up to the spanking bench and fucked by Miss Flora. When will you apply?..


I’m Just Walking by

When the sadistic German Domme spots an innocent bystander taking a nap she spots an opportunity for punishment…

CBT, Strap-On

Kitty Attacks

Miss Flora may look cute in her leather harness and kitty ears — but this kitten has claws!..


Kitty Likes Mistress Game

Miss Flora has taken her kitty slave to the forest in the Northern part of Berlin, for some outdoor abuse…


Kitty likes to suck dog’s cock

Like dogs and cats, I think the wording sounds. Not always an easy task to pair two such different creations…

Gay BlowJob

Learning New Skills

A tied up slave, a good selection of paddles and whips, and a great tutor in the shape of Miss Flora – is all that it takes…

Spanking F/M, Whipping

Little evil bites

Have a look and let us know if biting is a genre that you would like to watch in the future…


Lucky Slave

Imagine yourself being face sat by Miss Alexa and Miss Flora, then imagine to caress their sexy feet…

Foot Fetish

Mark Me with Your Teeth

In jaw-droppingly sexy lace lingerie, this sadistic German Domina begins her session with some softcore sensitive foreplay…

Biting, Strap-On

Mistress Love 1

While Miss Flora and Lady Deluxe shows a lot of love for each other, with passionate kisses, little love is shown for their slave…

Foot Fetish

Mistress Love 2

Miss Flora and Lady Deluxe has moved to the bedroom to continue their romance, while still having their slaves around…


Mistresses’ Party

What better way to end a day of filming, than with a Mistresses Party? As said as done…

Female Domination

Mistresses’ Toy

It seems that Mistress Melia and Miss Flora have stuck to the idea of having a big soft teddy – this one for punishment…

Whipping, Foot Gagging

Pegging and Pounding

With the slave secured on the spanking bench, our two Mistresses are ready to fuck, spank, and humiliate the “poor” guy…

Strap-On, Spanking F/M

Put it in me!

They carefully insert penis dilators and sliding them inside. Expanding the hole they adding more and more plugs…

Medical Play

Sensual Mistresses

Sensual Mistresses is when they are joking, talking and giving each other advice while flogging slave Ben…


Shake Your Ass for Us, Betty

Miss Flora, Mistress Nikky French, and Mistress Rebekka Raynor are having a small party…

Sissy Training

Slave Forced To Suck

Now just up for slave Moya to reward Miss Courtney´s slave…

Gay BlowJob

Sleepover with Surprise

This is a cheeky dirty little slut with soft and delicate skin, on which you want to leave marks…

Spanking F/F

The Happy Slave

The scene itself takes place in the basement of the farm, where the Mistresses starts hooding and tieing the slave…

Medical Play

The Medical Room

British Miss Courtney and German Miss Flora are teasing their slave in this medical themed scene…

CBT, Face Sitting

Threesome Surprise

Today generous miss Alexa decided to make a priceless birthday gift for her slave…

Biting, Face Sitting

Water Balloon Games

There is something romantic about being tied to a tree in the sunset. Especially if the person who immobilizes you is Miss Flora…

CBT, Ballbusting